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Ecosystem Intelligence™ Services
Is your brand lost in the marketspace?

Ecosystem Intelligence™ is a real-time marketspace analytics service to optimize strategic and tactical decision-making. We help you navigate the online marketspace and give you deep, actionable insights into your industry, your competition, your partners and suppliers, your customers, and your own standing in the marketspace.

We've applied our proprietary knowledge in various ways to help clients understand their online strategy and marketing challenges and create specific action-plans to become more competitive. The following applications have been tested over the past three years, with measurable success based on key performance indicators:

  • online branding
  • competitive strategy
  • intelligent advertising
  • product marketing

Find out how your organization can use ecosystema to develop a competitive edge:

Strategists & Business Owners: Understand your competitor's strengths and weaknesses and find marketspace entry points with the "least resistance."

Senior Executives: Make your agencies accountable for results - we help you assess the impact of your marketing dollars in the marketspace.

Marketers: Optimize the impact of every dollar you spend online by focusing on the right audience at the right time in the right place.

Product Marketers: Find the most effective means to launch your new product in your target marketspace.

Sales Executives: learn how to create demand generation programs that beat all previous performance benchmarks.

Alliance Managers: Discover the best candidates for partnerships - in technology, marketing, and product development.

PR & Media Executives: Watch the diffusion of a "story" in real time and make decisions affecting your company's reputation based on marketspace impact.

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